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Like your general health, prevention is the best way to approach your oral health. With our thorough, step-by-step examinations, we catch small issues before they have a chance to turn into larger ones. Our cleanings, fluoride treatments, and counseling are keys in preventing problems from manifesting.


At our practice, we have some simple and affordable solutions to help give you that smile you’ve always dreamed of. Bleaching is a surefire and easy way to immediately brighten your teeth. We also provide veneers, which are porcelain facings that can be shaped and colored to perfection. Esthetic bonding is another treatment option that is useful to close gaps, fix small chips, and reshape teeth.


When teeth decay or break down, we are there to help remedy the situation. From cavities to fractures, we use the most modern techniques and materials to restore missing tooth structure. Resin based composite material is an esthetic, reliable, and mercury-free option for cavity fillings. In the event of a major loss of tooth structure, we use porcelain crowns and onlays to restore and protect teeth. Porcelain is an esthetically pleasing, wear resistant material, making it an appealing restorative option.


When teeth are missing, we have a variety of options to help you replace the full set you once had. Implants are increasingly popular options that provide patients with a natural look and feel of a real tooth. They can be used to restore either single or multiple missing teeth. We also perform bridges to restore gaps in dentition, which use adjacent teeth as support. For patients who prefer a removable prosthesis, we work with top of the line labs to fabricate partial and full dentures.


Gums and bone are vital tissues which must be maintained to achieve tooth longevity. Gingivitis and resulting periodontitis can be a direct threat to your oral health. We will assess your current periodontal condition, and if needed, provide deep cleanings to help get you back on the road to periodontal health.